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City Ordinances
The following links are intended to provide off campus students with more information about Stillwater and OSU ordinances that impact them. This list is not all inclusive and will only hit the highlights of what was brought to the OCSA's attention.

Noise Prohibited - Ordinance 2827 - Ordinance to prohibit any excessive, unnecessary or unusual loud noise.

Loud Music Prohibited - Ordinance 2828 - Ordinance to prohibit any loud music as defined by time, distance sound carries, and location.

"Social Host" ordinance - Sec 3.98 - If hosting a party and someone under 21-years of age is invited, the host of the party may not permit a minor to possess or consume alcohol. A violation will be punished by a fine of up to $500 and/or imprisonment of no more than 90 days. http://files.stillwater.org/files/TrafficMiscSup.pdf

Noise ordinances - Sec. 16-79 - Any noise that disturbs, injures, endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace, or safety of others in the Stillwater City limits, including loudspeakers, yelling and shouting between 10pm and 8am, construction between 10 pm and 6am (except in emergencies), near schools, churches, or hospitals during hours of operation, use of power lawnmowers between 10 pm and 6 am.
Loud music that can be heard 100 ft away is prohibited between 8 am and 10 pm, or that can be heard 50 ft away, or is audible in a school, church, or hospital is prohibited between 8 pm and 10 am. http://files.stillwater.org/files/TrafficMiscSup.pdf

Pets - Sec. 6-27, 6-32, 6-33, 6-36 - Dogs must be on a leash. Pets must have a collar and tags. You may not own dogs whose barking, howling, etc. disturbs others. http://files.stillwater.org/files/TrafficMiscSup.pdf

Speed - Sec. 29-95 - Unless otherwise specified, the speed limit for all streets adjacent to schools while school is in session is 20 mph.
All other streets, unless otherwise indicated on speed limit signs, are 25 mph. http://files.stillwater.org/files/TrafficMiscSup.pdf

Lawn maintenance, Nuisances - http://stillwater.org/government/city_programs_services/code_enforcement.php
Sec. 19-27 - Do not let trash or excessive growth of weeds accumulate on property so that they are a health, safety, traffic, or fire hazard.
Sec. 19-28 - If accumulation occurs, the City of Stillwater will send a notice by mail giving the property owner 10 days to handle the issue. If the work is not completed, the City will complete the work and file a lien against the property for the costs due.
Sec. 19-62 - Do not park a junk motor vehicle on private property for more than 10 days. Each day over 10 that the vehicle is parked will constitute a separate offense. Exceptions include vehicles in an enclosed building or if restoration/repairs are clearly in progress.

Parking Regulations - http://stillwater.org/document_center/parking/parking_rules_brochure2014.pdf
Sec 27-2 - Don't block sidewalks such that pedestrian traffic is blocked
Sec 29-136 - Do not park on sidewalks or in front of public or private driveways http://stillwater.org/document_center/parking/parking_rules_brochure2014.pdf
Ordinance 3148 - Motor vehicles may not be parked on the grass.
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