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Helpful Information
The following links are intended to provide off campus students with more information about events on campus and around and about Stillwater.

Campus Info

Oklahoma State University: This is the official site for Oklahoma State University.

Residential Life: Not just for on campus students. This website provides helpful information for any student at OSU. Find out the best places to eat on campus!

Student Govenrment: Helpful SGA information for today's OSU student. Find out all about campus life and see what Student Government is doing for you

The O'Collegian: The online home of OSU's daily newspaper, the O'Colly. Check out today's headlines!

OSU Athletics: This is the online home for OSU Sports. This site features stories, highlights, and scores from recent games and the future of Cowboy and Cowgirl sports.

Parking and Transit Services: Information about the BOB shuttle and schedules, parking on campus, transit around campus and locally, and carpooling.

Stillwater Info

Apartments.com: Brings you info on renting here in Stillwater and for the ones who have moved on to their dreamjobs.

City of Stillwater: Valuable information about living in Stillwater.

Stillwater Newspress: An online version of the Stillwater Newspress. Great for local news, OSU news, real estate, and local events.

General Info

Quick and Easy Recipes: As the name suggests, this website brings you lots of recipies that are quick and easy.

RandMcNally: Planning a trip, then check out this site for maps and sites to visit.

Renter's Insurance Companies Compared: Check out this comparison of major insurance companies who offer Renter's Insurance!

Complaints: This is a place where you can fill out your complaint about housing issuse as well as landlords. It is so we can better file them and help with them help with them in a timely fashion.

Bed Bug Info

Bed Bug Info: Here is some information about Bed Bugs, how to prevent them, and what resources you have at your disposal if you get them.
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