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How Do I Get My Security Deposit Returned?
According to Oklahoma Law (ORLTA, Section 115) a tenant must request in writing the return of a security deposit within six (6) months of the termination of tenancy. Many students do not realize they must request their deposit in writing. In some cases, the landlord will have a section in the lease stating that the tenant must give written notice requesting return of the deposit. This is not common and it is up to the tenant to know thy must do this.

There are two accepted methods of delivering a "demand for deposit" letter to the landlord. The first is to send the letter via certified mail. A return receipt is attached to the letter and this receipt is mailed to the tenant when the landlord (or his/ her agent) signs to accept the letter. The tenant should keep a copy of the original letter and attach this receipt to it as proof of delivery to the landlord. This method costs about $2.50, but is worth it to have the US Postal Service receipt.

The second method involves the tenant taking two copies of the letter to the landlord and obtaining his/her signature and the date delivered on both copies to indicate receipt of notice. The tenant should keep one copy and leave one with the landlord.

On the following link is a simple form that a tenant can complete requesting their deposit be returned. Copies of this form are available in the OCSA office if a student wishes to use this form rather than writing their own letter. Please note that witnesses to the landlords signature are optional. If the tenant wishes to have witnesses sign the form, the witnesses should be present when the letter is delivered and signed for by the landlord or his/her agent.
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