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Renting Information
The following documents and links are intended to provide off campus students with more information about renting, insurance, and repairs.

3 Simple Rules: This page brings you info on renting here in Stillwater and for the ones who have moved on to their dreamjobs.

Self Inspection Tips for Renters: Important information on what to look for when renting.

Settling Disputes: This page brings you info on how to settle disputes using small claims court and/or early settlement mediation.

Getting Your Security Deposit Back: This page will walk you thru the steps of getting your seurity deposit returned to you.

Demand For Return Of Deposit Letter: This letter in MS Word format can be used to submit to a landlord to request your deposit back. See the link above for Getting Your Security Deposit Back for more information..

Housing Condition Checklist: This form in MS Word format can be used to document the condition of items in your house/apartment.

Oklahoma Landlord and Tenant Acts: This document in PDF format is a general guide to the Oklahoma laws regarding landlords and tenants.

Tenancy Contract: This contract is in case you would like to take extra measures when moving in with your roommates.

Landlord and Tenant Problems: Helpful information for common legal problems when renting.

Sample letters - Below is a list of sample letters in PDF format that can be used for various requests. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to open.

1. Demand for Repairs / Terminating Rental Agreement This sample letter is for demanding repairs and if no satisfaction, to terminate the rental agreement.
2. Sue for Damages This sample letter is for suing for damages when an essential service has not been repaired.
3. Move out temporarily This sample letter is to notify landlord that you will move out till repairs have been made.
4. Make own arrangements for repairs This sample letter is to notify the landlord that the renter has initiated corrective action to have the repair made.
5. One hundred dollar repairs This sample letter is to notify the landlord of repairs and that the amount up to $100 will be deducted from the next months rent.
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