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OCSA Constitution

SECTION 1: The name of this organization shall be the Oklahoma State University Off-Campus Student Association, and shall be referred to as the OCSA.


SECTION 1: The purpose of the OCSA shall be to serve all off-campus students as a general representative body.

SECTION 2: The OCSA shall represent the views of its constituents to the University and the community in matters of off-campus students concern, including but not limited to:
Representing the interests of off-campus students in both the OCSA, SGA, local, and national civic affairs.
Serving as a source of fellowship for the purpose of uniting off-campus students.
Promoting off-campus student involvement in university.


SECTION 1: Members of the OCSA shall include all students currently enrolled in classes at Oklahoma State University who reside in off-campus housing or who commute to OSU, excluding those who live in University approved and out-of-house members of the Greek system who register Greek voters with the OSU Student Government Association.

SECTION 2: The organizational body of the OCSA shall consist of an Executive Branch, and a Legislative Branch, and an at-large membership. Requirements for membership shall be set forth in the OCSA Constitution and/or By-Laws.

SECTION 3: The organizational body of the OCSA shall abide by and adhere to the OCSA Constitution, By-Laws, House Rules, and any other duly enacted legislation.


SECTION 1: OCSA funds shall not be used to fund scholarships, or religions, or political causes.


SECTION 1: The executive power shall be vested in the Executive Branch of the OCSA. The Executive Branch shall consist of the following officers:
Vice president

SECTION 2: Members of the Executive Branch shall be full-time students at Oklahoma State University, and shall maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00, and shall attend at least two meetings per month of the Off-Campus Student Association Assembly during the regular academic year as defined by Oklahoma State University.

SECTION 3: The OCSA President and Vice President shall be elected as a team in the fall OCSA elections. The remaining executives shall be appointed by the OCSA president with the advice and consent of the OCSA Assembly.

SECTION 4: The duties of the OCSA President shall be:
To serve as the official representatives of OCSA.
To appoint and/or remove all non-elected officers of the Executive Branch, with the advice and consent of the OCSA Assembly.
To take action on all legislation enacted by the Legislative Branch within five (5) school days in the following manners:
Sign the legislation into effect.
Veto the legislation and return it to the Legislative Branch with a written statement of objections and recommendations.
Allow the Legislation to go into effect without a signature after five (5) school days by taking no action.
To represent an annual budget to the Legislative Branch for approval within two (2) weeks if the beginning of the fall semester.
To appoint a Vice President, in the event of a vacancy in that office, with the advice and consent of the OCSA Assembly.
To be held accountable to the OCSA for the following administrative functions:
Organizational publicity
Standing organizational programming
Organizational office administration
Organizational expenditures
The OCSA President, with the advice and consent of the OCSA Assembly, may appoint a number of executives to fulfill these responsibilities. The duties of these appointees must be specifies in the OCSA By-Laws following the advice and consent of the OCSA Assembly.

SECTION 5: The duties of the OCSA Vice President shall be:
Assume the powers and duties of the President in his/her absence.
Succeed the President in the event of the vacancy of that office.
Aid the President in the executive of his/her request.
Coordinate executive public relations, and serve as an ex-officeo member of the Public Relations Committee.
To be responsible for following up on all duly enacted Legislation.
Receive and attend to all guests and guest speakers of the OCSA.

To be responsible for all OCSA funds.
To advise Executive and Legislative bodies of feasibility of financial transactions.
To keep complete, accurate, and current financial records, and submit a written account balance statement to the Assembly at the first meeting of each month.
To assist the President in preparation of the budget.
To serve as an ex-officio member of the Budget Committee.


SECTION 1: All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Legislative Branch, called the Assembly, whose members shall consist of Representatives and Senators elected as specified in the OCSA Constitution and By-Laws.

SECTION 2: Members of the Assembly shall maintain an overall grade point average of 2.00.

SECTION 3: The administrative functions of Assembly shall be vested in the Chair of Assembly and the Vice Chair of Assembly.

SECTION 4: The duties of the Chair of Assembly and the Vice Chair of Assembly will be outlined in the OCSA House Rules.

SECTION 5: The Assembly shall consist of no more than fifty (50) Representatives and the Student Government Off-Campus Senators.
Senators shall be elected as specified by the SGA and shall meet or exceed the membership requirements of both the SGA and the OCSA.
Representative seats shall be divided such that one-half (1/2) of the Representative seats shall be elected each semester.
A minimum of eighty percent (80%) of the Representative seats shall be held by full-time students. A maximum of twenty percent (20%) of the Representative seats may be held by a part-time student.
At-large members are members of the OCSA not holding an executive or legislative branch office.

SECTION 6: The Representatives and Senators shall:
Each have one vote in Assembly meetings.
Have the sole power to draft legislation in the forms of bills, recommendations, resolutions.
Serve as voting members on at least one standing committee.
Serve at least one (1) office hour per week in the OCSA office performing tasks necessary for the continued existence of OCSA.
Hold no Executive offices in the organizational body of OCSA.
Not hold the offices of Senator and Representatives concurrently.
Senators shall also represent OCSA in the SGA and report on the actions of the SGA to the OCSA Assembly and OCSA.


SECTION 1: Grounds for impeachment and removal from office shall be: Malfeasance of office, violations of duly enacted regulations, and/or other Legislation of the OCSA.

SECTION 2: Members of the OCSA subject to impeachment and removal from office shall be all elected or appointed members of the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and/or the Judicial Branch.

SECTION 3: A motion to impeach any member of OCSA serving under this Constitution must be made and seconded by any member of the voting Assembly.

SECTION 4: A three-fourths (3/4) majority vote is required for removal from office.

SECTION 5: Upon the third unexcused absence, the Assembly member will face automatic impeachment.

SECTION 6: The procedure for recall by a constituent shall be as follows:
Any OCSA member, as defined in Article III, may submit to the OCSA Steering Committee a recall petition stating the purpose and grounds for removal from office of any member of the Executive or Legislative Branch. The petition to recall will not be valid unless it contains the signatures of a number of constituents equal to over fifty percent (50%) of the number ballots cast in the last OCSA general election.
The Assembly Chair shall notify or exhaust her/his means notify the person named in the petition within one week. One week after the person named in the petition has been notified, the Steering Committee shall declare the petition valid or invalid.
If the petition is deemed valid, the Assembly member named in the petition shall be removed from office.


SECTION 1: The off-campus student body shall have the right to initiate any act within the powers of the OCSA Assembly.

SECTION 2: Procedures of initiating an act:
A number of regularly enrolled off-campus students equal to five percent (5%) shall sign a petition to the President of Off-Campus Student Association.
Copies of the petition must be submitted to both the President and Steering Committee of OCSA.

SECTION 3: Action on the petition:
The Steering Committee shall determine the validity and purpose of the petition.
The President will, if the Steering Committee determines the petition to be within the qualifications for a petition, schedule the election to be held within two (2) weeks of the validation of the petition.
The decision of the Steering Committee may be appealed to the Judicial Branch.
Public notice shall be made on the election no more than seven (7) school days nor less than three (3) school days prior to the election.

SECTION 4: A majority of votes cast in the election shall be sufficient to pass the action.


SECTION 1: Ratifications of proposals for amendments to the OCSA Constitution must be approved by two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the OCSA Assembly.

SECTION 2: Any Constitutional amendments shall go into effect immediately upon fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) affirmative vote of the total ballots cast in an official OCSA General Election.

SECTION 3: All legislation passed prior to the adoption of the Constitution and not in conflict with any of its provisions shall continue in effect, unless rescinded by the OCSA Assembly.
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